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Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm - $2

$2 by DOLPHIN in YELM, 4 days ago
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Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm - $2 in Fort Lewis
Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm - $2 in Fort Lewis
Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm - $2 in Fort Lewis
Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm - $2 in Fort Lewis
Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm - $2 in Fort Lewis

Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm - $2 (14062 yelm hwy se)

Bring your fall clean-up,leaves,yard-waste,compost to this farm.

Save on dump fees!Why take it to Lacey,when you can bring it here?

I have 16 large compost bins made up of pallets. We can use your restaurant waste and wedding leftovers for the chickens and guineas. We use your branches and weeds for the goats and sheep. We use your wood-chips for mulch on the pathways in the greeenhouse. We use the old sod and rotted wood into the compost piles.

PLEASE NOTE- no plastics, no styrofoam, no glass, no trash, no railroad ties with creosote, no rubber tires.

OLYMPIA-LACEY farm accepts yard-waste, weeds, branches.

Are you cleaning up your yard for the summer?
Would you like to get rid of a lot of old soil, weeds, leaves, branches, cardboard?
Is your collection free of plastic, glass or styrofoam?

Then, we would be glad to accept your donation.
No need to drive to the dump or transfer station in Hawks Prairie.

Our farm is right opposite SOUTHWORTH ELEMETARY SCHOOL, near the Nisqually RED WIND CASINO.

Yes, we have a circular driveway to turn around with your trailer.

I have a huge compost pile and will accept all your donations.
Additionally, I also have chickens and goats.

I will accept your cow or horse manure to till into the soil.
Commercial land-scape contractors can also unload - there is a blue tarp inside the front gate.
don't go driving to the back of the 40 acres, please. (Soil has been recently tilled and freshly seeded. Don't compact.)

Call ---360---489---2830
- My name is DOLPHIN AYUB.

come on down ! call me and I shall text you step-by-step directions.
Please identify color and make of your truck or dump trailer, so I can watch out for you through the binoculars.
Farm is 40 acres and I might be in the back with the tractor.

Compost reduces greenhouse gases
When food waste goes to landfills, it cannot decay efficiently and produces methane, a greenhouse gas. Composting these organic materials that have been diverted from landfills reduces the emission of methane into the environment. The large amount of methane gas in our atmosphere is a known contributor to global warming.

2Compost improves soil quality
Composting is known to regenerate poor soil by encouraging the production of beneficial micro-organisms (mainly bacteria and fungi), which then break down organic matter to create humus. Humus helps retain moisture and naturally increases the nutrient content in soil. As a result, food grown in composted soil has shown to contain more nutrients and be more beneficial to eat.

3Compost helps clean up contaminated soil
According to the EPA, the composting process has been shown to absorb odors and treat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like heating fuels and explosives. In some cases, wood preservatives, pesticides, and both chlorinated and nonchlorinated hydrocarbons in contaminated soils were eradicated by the compost process.

4Compost helps control erosion
Compost has been shown to prevent erosion on embankments that are parallel to creeks, lakes and rivers, as well as lessen turf loss on roadsides, hillsides, playing fields and golf courses. Imagine football season without good turf!

5Compost makes and saves money
Water is at a premium these days and composted soil reduces the amount of water consumed by plants. Composting can also reduce plant diseases and pests, lessening the need for expensive chemicals and fertilizers. A higher yield of agricultural crops grown in composted soil equates to more products that can be sold, and the EPA states that composting provides a less expensive alternative to conventional ways to remediate (clean) contaminated soil, putting money back into the tax payer's wallets.

The next time you want to plug your nose at the idea of composting, remember the benefits of this process in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem as waste decays back into the soil naturally, reducing pollution and increasing soil quality.

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